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TLU SA asks EU for travel ban on Ramaphosa and colleagues and to freeze their assets in Europe

TLU SA has asked the European Union to impose a travel ban on President Cyril Ramaphosa and his colleagues and to freeze any of their assets in Europe.

This is one of TLU SA’s requests to a delegation of the Identity and Democracy (ID) Group in the European Parliament. Accordingly, TLU SA’s president, Henry Geldenhuys, and Henk van de Graaf, TLU SA’s North Region Chairperson, met with the delegation of European Parliamentarians in Cape Town.

“The ultimate effect of expropriation without compensation in South Africa is exactly the same as Robert Mugabe’s infamous land grab of white farmers’ land in Zimbabwe,” said Van de Graaf. “Therefore, the European Union should impose the same measures against President Ramaphosa and his colleagues as were imposed on Mugabe.”

Geldenhuys gave a comprehensive overview of the rural security situation in the country and the shortcomings therein during the presentation.

The farm murder and attack statistics were discussed in depth, as well as the problems with stock theft, with the Parliamentarians reacting with shock when images of these crimes were displayed.

Van de Graaf highlighted other issues the agriculture sector is facing. These included the issue of property rights, the failure of the government’s so-called land reform, and the danger of expropriation without compensation, being the main topics of discussion.

“It is particularly the issue of property rights that has compelled us to request that the EU put pressure on the South African government to accept and maintain free market policies and thus prevent a Zimbabwe-like end for South African farmers,” said Van de Graaf.

TLU SA also asked the Parliamentarians for support to find international funding for the South African farmers’ needs and international partners to establish joint ventures.

Van de Graaf further cautioned the delegation that any funding should not come through the government as it would not reach its intended destination.

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