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LIVE: Major loop holes in S Africa banking system via attorneys and liquidators trust accounts

The big four banks in South Africa have been under the spotlight in recent weeks over allegations of fraud and corruption. With the assassination of the Liquidator into Bosasa, Cloete Murray and his son, a week ago attention is now turning onto other layers in this very flawed financial onion. Tonight I speak to Gail about allegations of organised crime involved in other areas of the corporate banking system in South Africa.
Money laundering in South African banks: https://lovinglifetv.com/2023/03/31/money-laundering-by-big-banks-is-rife-in-south-africa-the-proof/
Gail requested this be added:

Hi Scott I was just going through my notes and one thing that is important to add in is that one of the liquidators has been caught red handed and taken to court for submitting R347 MILLION fraudulent claims in a liquidation. This is very critical to add in I will send you the short piece out of the court ruling . He was the crook that stole the staff salaries . Reason for the addition is that the Liquidators make false claims ( is this to steal R347million or to launder it? either was it is money laundering as per the definition of money laundering) . The Master Offices has been made aware of this but this Liquidator still remains in business as if he has done nothing wrong . This substantiates the critical but crooked role that Liquidators play as they have huge powers , once the are appointed no one can challenge them, as per the letters that I read out why they banks had to bring in the Liquidators urgently to take away the power from the Sellers and Directors and Share Holders .

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