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Ectolife transhuman technology plans to grow human babies from conception to birth in pods

Back in the 1930s the Nazi regime planned to produce pure aryan babies under a state sponsored programme. This was, rightfully, called an evil policy. Guess what? Today the World Economic Forum’s partners have taken the concept to the next level….

2 thoughts on “Ectolife transhuman technology plans to grow human babies from conception to birth in pods”

  1. I wonder how long the technology for cloning had already existed before Dolly the sheep was released to the public????

  2. The globalist civilization GAMERS, already played with incubator babies in the 1800 ‘s. After the geo-engineered haarp floods (yes the tech existed) from the 1700’s onwards, the populations were already controlled with epidemics and health games. So they repopulated areas with orphans from incubators and sent them out into previous constructed cities that were empty as a result. They trained the young ones in orphanages to be good freemasons and odd fellows and so the race of ‘democrats’ were increased, and God had another meaning for them. Australia for example was one of the places with buildings that had to be ‘refilled’. Check the Tartarian era mudfloods and hidden history. The giant genes of that era was also addressed as to phase them out (probably to scale down the human as to use less resourses. ). With these babies to be, we can guess that parents may be fooled by dumbing down the babies but only the appearances may be as ordered from the baby menu. Parents may even agree to be sterilized and only the bloodlines of the globalist elite will be blessed with longevity and high IQ’s. With the decreased global population of 500 mil there won’t be any resistance possible to digital controlled humanoids. Why was it possible for previous civilizations to be controlled the way it was…?? simply because these alien infiltrators always worked from the shadows and being disguised and using proxy leaders.

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