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Who will own the robots that will steal your children’s jobs

Nvidia release the latest high tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed micro chips that will replace billions of jobs from medical to mining to reporting (media) to defence to education to (probably) government and politicians. Who will own these robots and AI?

1 thought on “Who will own the robots that will steal your children’s jobs”

  1. Bad enough with BEEE, can just imagine how serious the unemployment situation will become in years to come due to these robots! But that is exactly what they are planning, each person will get a Basic Income which will hardly be enough to survive on. The big problem though is what will people occupy themselves with for the rest of their lives?? No job, not enough money to survive on, drugs to dull the misery and such. Why would people still pay to go to University, even at present probably 50% of graduates do not get jobs after they have graduated unless they have studies a very difficult (and scarce) degree, but then they start out their lives with around a million rand plus study debt!

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